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    December 1, 2022 2:46 AM PST
    Here's What You Need To Know About Avalanche The Architect This one is for people who are in love with pop and rap music. Avalanche The Artist, a rapper, has brought 90s-style rap back to mainstream music. The New Song Talk The Talk by Avalanche The Architect debuted almost one month ago. It was a huge success, receiving more than 150,000 views. His new song was inspired by the story of rappers being charged for their words. Avalanche was also charged with his lyrics. The rap music of Avalanche is sweeping across the globe. His videos are viewed by millions. He tweets frequently on Twitter and is a recipient of thousands upon thousands of followers. Avalanche also runs a successful online business, and his social media is thriving. His YouTube is flooded with his incredible hip-hop videos. Every video he posts is viewed by a large number of people. Avalanche has been loved by people all over the globe due to his exceptional ability and passion. Have a look at this Toronto Rapper site for info. About Avalanche The Architect Avalanche, an incredible 90s rapper, is working to revolutionize the music scene through his music. Avalanche was born and raised in America. His music is an expression of America. He currently lives in Toronto. The rapping he does with his fast and furious speed displays a distinctive style that is well-matched with an unbeatable rhyme structure. His vocal fervor is matched by his lyrics which tell his story. His dedication to his craft is a result of the discipline that he's developed through his professional and personal MMA fighting/training. His visual presence is growing in recognition online, with a variety of videos posted on Youtube. Avalanche, a Toronto resident has been recording and preparing an album of full length as well as mixing tape. Both are scheduled to be released in the next one year. Toronto rapper Avalanche The architect is no one to be averse to controversy. His new track, called "Nigga Nigga Nigga Nigga Shoot Shoot Kill" has just created a lot of it! This 5-minute and 40-second wartime song has the number of 57 references to violence. which is more than 10 references per minute! However, don't get too confused. In spite of the lyrics that are violent the song is an excellent masterclass in metaphors, similes, double-entendres clever wordplay and punchlines. The song is a knockout for world-class boxers. "I don't give you chances when I give you a shot" and "Rubix cube, the way I'm spinning it around the block" continue for well over five minutes. The tune is very similar to Canibus's 100 bars of the 90s' late. Avalanche is perhaps the most well-known lyricist of the world of music. I think this is because of the deep loud rough voice that he sings these savage bars, sometimes obscuring his more sophisticated lyricism. I would put him up alongside the likes of Big Pun, Canibus, Lloyd Banks, Lil Wayne, and Jadakiss If you're talking about bar-smoking lyrics that are savage. See this Boom bap website for details. The factor that makes his music enjoyable, is the fact that you don't need to believe the stories that he tells. This is like his lyrics, "There ain’t a social community in the city that doesn’t know me, Ask the mob I’m doing contract kills all alone by my solitude," I don't mean he is a murderer for the mob, but I did meet Avalanche at the Portuguese social club/cafe on College street. That's the part of Toronto Canada best known for "Soprano" type events. I was amazed at how effortlessly he fit in in this environment with a black person. Avalanche said that his name came from his martial artists coach. The people from his neighborhood used to call him "The The Architect" due to the way he made friends with everyone. Avalanche and I enjoyed a fantastic day. I got to experience the architect side of Avalanche by hanging out with Avalanche at the Biker Clubhouse party. I'll conclude by declaring that Avalanche the architect is a true rapper and is deserving of being recognized. Check out this controversy blog for info.