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    November 2, 2022 8:37 AM PDT
    Five Essential Factors to Consider before you get the Bengal Cat The Bengal cat can be described as one of the most unique feline breeds available. For the third time in consecutive years this year, the Bengal cat is the most loved feline breed according to The International Cat Association -- the largest feline genetic registry around the world. These cats are born through crossing of Asian Leopard cats with domestic cats. Bengal cats are impressive and possess a gorgeous appearance. They are also very attractive. Bengal cats are much different in comparison to other breeds of cats. This is why it is crucial for you to keep few facts in your mind before you get a one for your family. It is important to know that the Bengal cat, a fairly modern domestic cat breed, is still being researched. Many people have heard about the Bengal cat and are intrigued by its characteristics and breeding. This is especially so as Bengal cats can be expensive to acquire. The Bengal cat doesn't have the same name like a Tiger. Also, it is not a leopard--mini or otherwise.It's a domestic cat. For a "Pet Bengal", expect to spend between $1000-$2000 on a high quality kitten from a knowledgeable breeder. There are kittens available from as little as $1000-$2000. You often pay for what you get. There is a broad variety of prices for kittens and breeders. Breeder kittens will cost more and the price will be dependent on the markings and coloration. People tend to favor larger marks and rosettes. Breeding Bengal kittens is challenging high-stress, expensive but rewarding. You can't breed without a true passion or love. It is never a vacation. Animals require constant care and are very demanding. Food, care, and water are essential for their well-being. A good breeder won't let their kittens leave before thirteen weeks old. The kittens must be dewormed and vaccined. When you purchase a kitten, you should get a contract as well as a guarantee about your health. Here are a few of the most crucial facts. Have a look at the top rated Bengal Cat Breeders for info. Tip 1- Pelt-like Coats It is more silky and luxurious than the standard Bengal fur. It's a gorgeous sheen that is captured by the sun when these beautiful cats lay down or walk. It is during this time that their hair shines at its brightest, and their markings are the most noticeable. Bengals are known for their pelt-like fur. It is gorgeous enough that it doesn't require much brushing. This is because they take care of their fur with less frequent, shorter self grooming sessions. People who are allergic to cats will find it easier to breathe in their saliva since there is less of it in their coastal areas. Tip 2- Coat Colors In spite of design or color regardless of the pattern or color, the Bengal cat is known for its charming and outgoing nature. They are adventurous and enjoy playing freely. Bengals are an ideal pet for children thanks to their curious nature. Also, they can easily be adapted to living in homes with already pets. There is a lot of variation in the intensity of color within the Bengal breed. There is no one Bengal. Traditional brown Bengals are born with eyes that are green or gold. They don't have to have blue eyes. The other colors are Snow, Sepia, Silver, Marble, Blue and Black or Melanistic. Color variations of charcoal and blue are also available. Tip 3- Bengals Tend To Be Fairly High Maintenance Bengals do as a rule tend to be demanding and high-maintenance cats. They're extremely loyal to their families they often have strong bonds with them. They also can be very demanding in their attention and time. However, this isn't for everyone and it could make owners crazy. You might not consider adopting the Bengal cat if you aren't able to dedicate time every all day for it. Bengals are more like having cats than dogs. They're very active and will follow you around your house. Tip 4- They Can Be Noisy It is crucial to keep in mind that Bengal cats can become noisy. They can be very vocal as well. If you can listen to the sounds of these cats, then you should consider getting one. Tip 5- They Are Very Energetic Bengals are an extremely athletic breed of cat. They sleep as much as any other cat will, but when they are not asleep they're likely to be screaming or demanding that you find some activity to engage them. 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